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a three-game losing streak to dallas. here's head coach mike shanahan. >> it was a nice team win. i told our players, sometimes the offense is going to play good. special teams. but at the end of the day you have to find a way to winment that's what we did today. the crowd was a huge part of this win. they could hardly hear the snap count. i thought we had a big advantage there relative to the crowd noise. anyway, very pleased with our team. >> up next for mike shanahan and the redskins, the houston texans. that's all for now. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. the partying began early with many fans showing up to tailgate some eight hours before game time. and the burgandy and gold was spirited and confident.
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>> wearing a burgandy all the way through through. all the way through. i'm talking about every day you live and breathe redskins. >> we have a real good quarterback, a new coach. and i think they're going to go. >> to the super bowl? >> oh, yeah. mcnabb is on a roll and he's not going to stop. >> a lot are talking a super bowl win after that game. next up, houston texans. it was not the most impressive win. >> but a win is a win. you win one and you're going to the super bowl. got to love that. the texans looked good yesterday. they beat indianapolis. tom, good weather last night. >> welcome back, joe krebs. we have a little patchy fog in
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the wake of the rain we had yesterday. 63 in washington. upper 50s to near 60 in suburbs and rural areas. down to zero visibility in martinsburg, west virginia. parts of the northern shenandoah valley to culpepper, visibility a quarter mile. not much fog around. chilly morning. eastern shore now the low 60s. and the sky is broken up a bit. we have a partly cloudy start to the day. fog lifting by mid-morning. we'll be warming up into the low 80s with low humidity. breeze out of the northwest. 50s tomorrow morning. low 80s tomorrow with lots of sunshine. this pattern continues on wednesday. some clouds moving in on thursday. weak area of low pressure coming through with a front. showers during the afternoon and effect hours on thursday night.
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let's check traffic for monday morning. how is it looking? >> good morning, everyone. new traffic pattern. this may be more manageable than we have seen in the past. it will be the far left lane scheduled to be closed in the latest phase. right now obviously very, very light. let's pop over and see how we're doing through northeast. so far so good. other than that, nice and quiet as monday morning gets under way. >> nice and quiet. welcome back to you, too. >> thank you. good to be back. >> gang's all here. awesome. >> that's great. >> we have a traffic alert for drivers who use the 14th street bridge. a new pattern taking effect as you can see on this graphic. the entire left shoulder will be closed to traffic. you'll be able to get by the work zone on the right lane. the new pattern is expected to be in place by 5:00 this
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morning. this next phase of construction marks the halfway point of the bridge project. new details about a murder in fairfax county. e crime was not a random act. just after 10:00 last night they found a man shot to death inside a home on field master drive in springfield. although police do not have a possible gunman in custody, they do believe someone specifically targeted this home. now, to decision 2010. tomorrow is the d.c. primary elections. there's a new round of finger pointing between the two leading candidates for may ovrmt derrick ward reports. >> reporter: mayor fenty says as it was explained to him, people started showing up at a southeast polling place asking for gift cards. a quid pro quo was being offered. fenty campaign workers went to investigate. >> when they did so they found there was a whole group of
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people who were told if they went and voted they would also get a gift card and the people who were doing it were either volunteers, affiliates or employees. >> reporter: this video was shot by a fenty campaign worker. >> could i get a giant gift card if i vote? >> it's not to vote. >> what are we getting it for. >> listen, you get them for lunch, for dinner. >> nobody in your campaign had anything to do with gift cards. they said something about nonpartisan, right? >> reporter: u. s. attorneys' office and the board of elections is looking into the matter. >> if anybody is running a campaign and gives a gift card or free lunch to a volunteer, that's one thing. if you give them to get them to
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go vote, that is a violation of the law. >> reporter: they said they were doing just that. and candidate gray says the allegations should be taken in that context. gray asked for an investigation into those allegations. >> just seems like it shifts the responsibility. >> reporter: both candidates say they want voters to consider their records when deciding who to vote for. the d.c. board of elections and attorney general is looking into those allegations. the mailings from the service employees international union made several claims about candidates in prince george's county. sheriff michael jackson who is running for account executive criticizes him over the shooting of two dogs during a drug raid two years ago. the union endorsed neeman who is
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running for reelection but he's a critic of the union. most candidates don't have the money to fight back. >> i think they're behaving in a thuggish fashion. when you come day after day after day after day, same things again, things carefully written and manipulated to create negative impressions, you can't compete with that. >> he is now returning a $1,000 campaign. getting back to prince george's county sheriff jack sorngs he picked up a major endorsement from the very man he's trying to replace. jackson has been the sheriff in the county for the last eight years. he has four or challengers in the primary tomorrow. a couple is dead and now police are trying to figure out
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what happened. one of the couples young children found them. the couple's three young children, 7, 5, 2 were home at the time. no evidence of forced entry. the children are now staying with family members. a day of fun turned deadly yesterday as d.c. police shot a dog after witnesses say it attacked two people at the adams morgan day festival. officers arrived to break up a fight between two dogs. then the rottweiler got away and bit a man. it then bit the officer as well. police shot and killed the dog. a man in a ski mask followed a girl to school thursday outside biel elementary in rockville. three girls were playing when
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one of them says a man wearing all black and a mask over his face approached her. the girl says the man followed her until she re-joined her friends. >> 4:39. ahead on news 4, congress returns to work this week. the first coppic of discussion is the economy. how republicans plan to fight president obama's tax proposal. a massive explosion as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. and [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic early on this monday morning. a little patchy fog in the rural areas. watch out for that. a cool morning. 50s in suburbs. 40s in the mountains. high today, low 80s with lots of sun. wednesday, more of the same. highs near 80 each day with low humidity. on thursday, a chance for much needed rain. highs reaching near 80. a look at friday and into the weekend will be coming up in 10 minutes, along with the latest on hurricane igor which has really strengthened overnight. let's check traffic on this monday morning. tom, doing pretty well on
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i-95 northbound. be careful. there's word of a car fire on i-95. two left lanes currently plokd. elsewhere on i-270, reports of an accident near route 28 southbound in the local lanes. 4:43. 62 degrees. a warning before you check your e-mail this morning. the new virus is making its way in people's mailboxes. we all know swimming has health benefits. why scientis
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4:46 is your time. hail to the redskins.
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the burgandy and gold started the season off right with a huge win over arch rival dallas cowboys. a dallas touchdown called back because of a holding penalty in the final seconds of the day. fairfax county police are investigating a murder. just after 10:00 last night they found a man shot to death inside a house on field master drive in springfield. police have not made any arrests and they believe the gunman did specifically target this home. heads-up to drivers. a new traffic pattern on the 14th street bridge. the entire left shoulder will be closed. traffic will be able to get by in the four right lanes. this lane shift marks the halfway point of the bridge project. lawmakers facing big decisions about our economy. bush-era tax cuts are set to a expire. president obama proposing tax breaks of his own. of course all this comes with opposition.
4:47 am
nbc's tracie potts has more on the debate from capitol hill. >> reporter: more taxes, tea partiers made their voices heard this weekend. >> i want it to stop. and i don't want the taxes. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act, your taxes go up january 1st. $3,600 for a family making $200,000. president obama wants to keep the tax cuts for those families but let them expire for incomes over $250,000. >> what we cannot afford to do is pass 700 additional billion dollars of tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: one leader may now support it. >> if the only option i have is those for 250 and below, of course i'm going to do that. >> reporter: it's a thorny issue to decide before the elections. they have to decide on tax cuts for the rich later. >> let's not hold them hostage while we debate whether we are
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going to give this very small number of people at the top a tax cut we can't afford. >> reporter: what may pass next week, $30 billion for small business loans. that stale mate was broken when one retiring republican agreed to vote for it. one compromise that's being floated around is raising the income cutoff. so only those over a million dollars in income, not 250, would see higher taxes. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. investigators are still looking for answers this morning after a huge natural gas explosion in san bruno, california. right now the death toll stands at four but is expected to rise as medical examiner's go through remains found at the scene. at least six people are still missing from the blast. crews have search and rescue dogs going through the rubble looking for them. the national transportation safety board is still investigating why the pacific gas and electric pipeline
4:49 am
exploded. >> a 28-foot section of 30-inch pipe. we are, as we speak, crating it up, putting it in a crate because the investigators decided that needs to go back to the metallurgy labs in washington. >> regulators ordered pacific gas and electric to examine all of its pipes. just as they were making progress in one in boulder, 35 miles east in loveland, fires prompted evacuations. at least two buildings have been destroyed. so far no reported injuries. fire crews are uncertain as to how this second fire started. the atlantic is once again brewing. there are now two named storms
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building strength in the open ocean. hurricane igor is a category 4 with winds up to 150 miles per hour. it could reach category 5 status later this week. following closely behind is tropical storm julia. julia was upgraded this weekend. it is unclear whether either storm will be a threat to land. our time just about 4:51. taking a look outside, 60 degrees. let's see what kind of day we're going to have to start the workweek. >> so far so good, tom. >> it's thick, especially near the blue ridge, panhandle of west virginia. visibility there under a quarter mile. no fog around. skies partly cloudy. 63 in washington. arlington, fairfax and montgomery county. most areas don't have much fog. there is fog in the mountains, too, where it's down into the
4:51 am
cool mornings. right now on the eastern shore temperatures are just into the low 60s. and as we look at the view from space we have a partly cloudy sky now. the rain we had yesterday is swept off to the east. we have high pressure moving in. meanwhile, here's the latest with hurricane igor a very well-formed eye. now, it's still way off the atlantic seaboard, over 2,000 miles away from cape may, new jersey. it has winds of 150 miles per hour. however, it can be approaching bermuda by weekend. it may be coming close as a strong hurricane. right nout indications are it will stay out to sea thankfully. it's going to be a pleasant morning for students waiting for school buses. low to mid-60s. by noon tirnlgs upper 70s with increasing sunshine. during the afternoon, peaking in the low 80s.
4:52 am
not a lot of humidity around. 50s by dawn tomorrow. during the day on tuesday, good weather for the election tomorrow. as well as wednesday will be similar with low humidity. then on thursday, a weak area of low pressure passing to our north, may trigger passing showers. looks like mainly the afternoon and evening with highs near 80. after that, it's going to allow dryer air to move in. we'll have a pleasant weekend to follow. saturday and sunday, upper 70s to near 80. partly cloudy each day. you can check the weather any time weather channel on cable. jerry, how is the traffic? >> interstate 270 southbound. between frederick and rockville, there are a couple spots where it will be a little on the foggy side. be aware of it. doesn't appear to be having too much of an effect. it is out there. that's northbound. nobd, overnight road work at the
4:53 am
exit ramp to route 109. it should be wrapped up. let's head over and see how we're doing elsewhere south of town to the wilson bridge. look out. don't want to get hit. right now between alexandria and hudson hill, we're doing a-okay. 61 degrees. coming up, a new computer virus is affecting millions of people. how to make sure you're not one them. plus, will we hear royal wedding bells? when prince william [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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there could be a royal wedding in the works. several reports that prince william will marry long-time girlfriend kate middleton in 2012. it could be just before the olympics in london and the queen's 60th year on the throne. william is second in line to the british throne. researchers found a link between indoor swimming pools and bladder cancer. people who swam in a pool for 40 minutes led to dna. they said reducing those chemicals with help curb harmful effects. a new computer virus is making the rounds, but it is the
4:57 am
same old thing, a link that promises free pornography but instead infects your computer. more on how you can make sure your computer stays safe. the subject line reads, here you have. inside the e-mail there's a link that promises free porn on the other end. >> what's always been a terrific social engineering trick is sex. to use sex as a way to get people to click on a link when they shouldn't click on it. >> clicking this one unleashes a virus that tries to uninstall anti-virus and security software and immediately spreads itself by sending the same e-mail to all contacts in a victims's address book. that could prove embarrassing. >> e-mail will go out with your name on it. the people you send an a mail to will know you fell for that
4:58 am
social engineering trick. >> nasa, aig, disney, procter & gamble and wells fargo all reported app outbreak of the worm. work to eliminate it will continue today. although the advice to avoid it is the same as a decade ago. >> even if it comes from somebody you know, if the content of the e-mail looks suspicious in any way, never click on an attachment or link that's in that e-mail. >> internet security experts say don't be surprised if more viruses similar to this one pops up. again, if an e-mail looks suspicious, don't open it. stay with us now. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. redskins fans rejoice. the team kicks off the season with a big win.
4:59 am
what head coach mike shanahan is saying about the victory this morning. one more day. after months of campaigning, it comes down to this. how the candidates for d.c. mayor are spending their final hours before election day tomorrow. big day. >> welcome back to news 4 today. it is monday, the 13th day of september, 2010. taking a live look outside right now. a little hazy and fog around the region, tom says. 61 depress right now. >> it's been nice and cool the last few mornings. >> perfect. >> and we got much needed rain yesterday. >> finally some rain. >> just in time for the game last night. with that humidity, still hangs in the air. we do have patchy dense fog in the rural areas this morning. generally in the shenandoah valley. watch out for that. partly cloudy. 50s to near 60

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